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The Urban Mushroom Company

In the UK, 95 million cups of coffee, per day, are consumed and 99% of the coffee beans go to landfill; leading to the production of half a million tonnes of coffee waste each year, along with potent methane gases.

The Urban Mushroom Company Ltd has come up with a solution, not only to tackle the environmental effects of coffee ground waste, but also to ease unemployment in Exeter. With our indoor vertical farm in Princesshay, we produce and sell ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks using coffee waste from local cafes. In collaboration with our business partners, we are working to provide volunteering experience, workshops, and employment opportunities for local disadvantaged individuals.



Gourmet Mushrooms
Gourmet Mushrooms
Gourmet Mushrooms
Gourmet Mushrooms
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Gourmet Mushrooms

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