Kwa Murugi

The Kwa Murugi project aims to empower women in the slum of Kwa Murugi in Nakuru, Kenya. The community in Kwa Murugi struggles with extreme poverty, unemployment, lack of electricity and clean water. Gender inequality is another significant issue there, with women generally perceived to be a lower position in society and disrespected, with many subject to abuse.


The project, alongside the NGO Doxa and its networks, therefore aims to empower these women by providing them and their with a stable income. Jobs will be created where women produce soap to sell to local hotels and tourist shops, and potentially ship abroad to the UK. 

The team have practiced making soap and produced some prototypes, and on a visit to Kwa Murugi in 2019, a needs assessment of the community and market was conducted and connections made with potential local buyers.

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Project Leaders:
Natalia - nl340@exeter.ac.uk

Zoja - zv210@exeter.ac.uk