Grow is a charity-based project founded in 2020 by a small group of students at the University of Exeter. Our exciting project aims to provide food stability and a better quality of life for children in rural Cambodia who are negatively impacted by the impacts of climate change.

Our mission

Rising global temperatures have created unpredictable and extreme patterns of rainfall, causing unsuitable conditions for crop growth. Therefore, many children are taken out of school in order to help farm or care for younger siblings. Grow, alongside our charity partners, Sustainable Cambodia, will work to develop climate-resilient gardens in Cambodian community schools - providing a more sustainable food source and incentivising school attendance.

Project progression

In collaboration with Sustainable Cambodia, we launched our pilot scheme at Chambok Meas Primary School in the rural area of Pursat, Cambodia in September 2021. Pursat is a rural province located in the West of Cambodia. With a dense population of 419,952 and high levels of poverty, Pursat is highly susceptible to the impacts of climate change.


The pilot study has been a great success so far; with various crops planted, and training sessions provided to teachers and students (see photos on website). Raised beds were made, and the school was equipped with garden materials/tools. We will continue to provide support and hope to visit Chambok Meas to gain a better insight into what we can help improve.

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Project Leader: Romy Taylor