G.R.O.W is a charity-based project founded in 2020 by a small group of students at the University of Exeter. Our exciting new project aims to provide stability and a better quality of life for children in rural Cambodia; these children are at risk due to the impact of climate change on the food supply. 

Our mission:

G.R.O.W, alongside charity partners in Cambodia, will work to develop climate-resilient gardens in Cambodian community schools, providing a more sustainable food source. This will not only allow children to remain in school, but also incentivise attendance.  

Project progression:


We are currently in the process of fundraising for a pilot program, and the money raised will be used to establish our first climate-resilient garden at a community school in the rural area of Pursat.


Our first seeds for a pilot study will be planted in October 2021 through a charity partner, Sustainable Cambodia, in a school community garden.




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Project Leader:
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