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“rethinking rewearing”


The 'fast' fashion industry is one of largest contributors to water and land pollution, which also depends on the exploitation of over 40 million people. 'Sustainable fashion' is becoming incredibly popular amongst consumers and influencers as people consider more ethical and environmentally-friendly alternatives. 

Altr.d Clothing is a social enterprise aiming to reduce local clothing waste and promote more sustainable fashion habits. This is achieved by organising events such as clothes swaps and ‘swap shops’ to collect unwanted items and encourage people to consider secondhand items before new ones from fast fashion companies. 

Unwanted items that are not swapped will be upcycled (where possible) through screen-printing and hand-painting unisex, trendy, minimalist designs, and then sold online or at local events. With sustainability at the forefront of our project, we plan to use non-toxic paint and recyclable packaging for all sold items.




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