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Enactus Exeter

A brief introduction

Enactus Exeter is a community of university students making a positive difference in the world around them, and learning valuable business skills in the process!

This video provides a brief overview of what we're about and what we do!

What is Enactus?

Enactus is a global network of businesses, academics, and students unified by a vision to create a better, more sustainable world. Students who are part of Enactus are entrepreneurial, values-driven social innovators, helping to positively impact the lives of 1.3 million people each year. Guided by educators and supported by business leaders, teams of students conduct needs assessments in their community, identify potential solutions to complex issues and implement community impact projects. This results in communities benefiting from collaboration and fresh innovation, plus students gain the valuable experience to advance their personal and professional lives.


What is a social enterprise?

Social enterprises are businesses with a social or environmental mission at their core. Like normal businesses, profit-making is essential for them to achieve their mission. This is why at Enactus we aim to build self-sustaining and growth orientated social enterprises that have a long-term impact on the local communities. At a time when many large companies are launching projects with a social bent, the need to arm the next generation of entrepreneurs with the training and tools they need to innovate in this sector has become crucial.